In an industry that has already seen seismic changes in recent years, commentators are still awaiting the “Big Bang” in legal services: what key regulatory and market forces will really change the game?

This event, hosted by Professor Stephen Mayson is designed to create discussion and guidance on preparing businesses for the challenges facing professional services. As a leading expert and active contributor to the evolving legal services market, Professor Mayson explores strategies for gaining a competitive advantage and exploiting the opportunities generated in a fast moving environment.

His expertise and experience at the heart of the legal sector place him in pole position to consider what the future of professional services might look like, including…

  • the impact of technology and artificial intelligence
  • delivering value and client service
  • external investment and multi-disciplinary practices
  • is there a future for the partnership model?
  • how important is the client perspective on all of this?
  • strategy development and implementation

“No-one knows for sure what the future holds.  Now, perhaps more than ever, uncertainty pervades all aspects of our political, economic, social, technological, professional and regulatory worlds.  This event should help to frame these current uncertainties in the context of market structure and a long-term process of change and development.  The writing has been on the wall for a while: now is the time to stand close enough to read and understand it ….”

Professor Stephen Mayson


Stephen Mayson will explore what the future holds for firms in the rapidly evolving markets for legal services.  He will look at the nature and structure of the market, including what he regards as a fundamental split which more than ever shapes how clients buy and pay for legal services, and how firms should respond.  He will then address how various substitutions in people, resources, and structure are reshaping firms and their services, presenting both challenges and opportunities, as well as leading to the rise of the sophisticated consumer and regulatory liberalisation.  Stephen will conclude with some thoughts about where this evolution might take us, and the questions that firms should ask themselves as they face the future.  His story is one of contradiction and contradistinction, but ultimately one of optimism, too.



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Welcome from North East Times

Prof Stephen Mayson, Honorary Professor of Law, University College London
(Includes special case study from Peppermint Technology & Pulsant Business Unlimited)

Refreshment break

We welcome Prof Mayson back on stage for an interview with North East Times

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All stakeholders with an interest in the future of the professional services sector, and legal service provision in particular, including solicitors, barristers, chartered legal executives, accountants, CEOs, in house counsel , public sector legal departments, their “supply chain” and all those engaged in decision making and leadership in these sectors.


Honorary Professor of Law, University College London

Prof Mayson has a particular interest and expertise in the reconfiguration of the legal world being driven by competition and the Legal Services Act 2007 and the effects this will have on the market and providers of professional services, while maintaining a firm belief in the need for professional ethics and integrity in business. Known for having an independent mind, he now divides his time among policy work, and non-executive and advisory appointments. His advice has also been sought by barristers’ chambers, patent attorneys, accountants, governments, corporate legal departments, law societies and other professional associations. He also acts as a non-executive member of several boards and strategy groups such as the Legal Services Board (Strategic Plan 2015-18), the Legal Services Institute and including Alternative Business Structures, and as a coach to those in strategic leadership positions (in the law and beyond).
In addition to his work as an independent adviser, he is Professor of Legal Services Regulation at The University of Law, and Honorary Professor of Law in the Faculty of Laws at University College London, working particularly with the Centre for Ethics and Law. He is also a Visiting Professor at the IE Law School in Madrid. His focus is to encourage the supply of effective legal services by strong, independent providers through practitioners who are appropriately qualified to offer professional advice and to manage their businesses. 


“Understanding and flexibility are the keys to dealing with an uncertain world.  These require an open mind, and the attitude and tools to respond effectively.  This event should inform or confirm the challenges ahead, and allow participants to think and act more clearly in shaping their firms’ destinies to become winners.”

Professor Stephen Mayson

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